Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Yet More Me

Thanks so much to EVERYONE who sent well-wishes on release day, either here, via email, on Facebook or wherever! I am so, so, so appreciative!

I'm running around like a total nut, signing copies at various stores around the city, but in the meantime, here are some Q/As to keep you entertained!

I'm over on Writer Unboxed answering some questions about craft and what was different with novel #2, and then, I'm over on one of my favorite author's blog, Eileen Cook, who wrote the hilarious Unpredictable and whose blog seriously makes me giggle every day, answering some more questions about ToML.

Enjoy! (And don't forget to pick up THE BOOK!)


Eileen said...

always a pleasure to have you- swing by anytime.

Susan Johnston Taylor said...

Congrats, Allison! Don't forget to breath, too.