Thursday, November 29, 2007

And Even More, More Me!

I'm jetting off for a much-needed vacation this morning, so I'm posting the remaining GCC links. I'm not sure when they'll go up, but it should be at some point today or Friday. Right now, I am virtually brain-dead, and I swear, half of the exhaustion is due to packing and organizing for two little kids...seriously, how do people travel with kids all the time??? We've taken #1 with us a few times, but this is our first time with both. And I'm wrecked from figuring out all of the logistics.

So, with that, I'm off to a deserted beach in a far-flung island in the Caribbean. I can't get there fast enough. I'll be back late next week or early the following (I know when I'll be back, but I mean I'll be back on the blog around then!), and since I'm leaving for such a long time, I promise to devote the following week solely to answering the backlog of questions that have been sent in.
Until then, I hope the below links provide some good reading material!

I'll be downing healthy amounts of alcohol and basking in the sun (with ample sunscreen with the kiddos).

Toni McGee Causey:
Cindy Cruiger:
Sheila Curran:
Kyra Davis:
Jana DeLeon:
Laura Florand:
Joshilyn Jackson:
Deborah LeBlanc:
Blossom Kan and Michelle Wu:
Becky Motew:
Kelly Para:
Sara Rosett:

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

More Me

A few more links that are now up today as part of the GCC Tour!

Southern Comfort:
Renee Rosen:

Monday, November 26, 2007

I'm On Tour!

Hope everyone is recovering from their turkey comas. We endured a brutal drive to New Hampshire (7 hours, 2 kids, 1 gassy dog) and lived to tell about it. Anyhoo...

Whoohoo! This week, it's my turn on the Girlfriends Cyber Circuit Tour, so I'll be posting a slew of links to various blogs on which I've done different interviews. There were so many questions asked - different for each author/blogger - so take a second and click through. I chat about everything from my favorite (and least favorite) part of writing to my dream vacation destination to if I'd still write if I won the lottery. And much more.

I'll post the links as they go up each day and will try to update them throughout the day, so check back or scroll down for the previous day's post if you missed something.

Here are a few to start out with. Enjoy!

Joanne Rendell:
Elizabeth Graham:
Colleen Thompson: