Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Today's the Day!!!!

So in case you didn't know, I have A BOOK COMING OUT TODAY! Yes, really. I'm not sure if I've mentioned it lately. :)

It's called Time of My Life, and it's a story about regret, what ifs, longing, motherhood, parenting, lost love, found love, friendship and redemption. And I truly hope that you will RUSH OUT AND BUY IT ASAP! In all seriousness, the first two weeks a books sales are critical to its success and to publisher support, and I would be so, so, so indebted if you could pick up a copy (and tell all of your friends!) within the next few days.

You can buy it here:

Amazon and Barnes and Noble and pretty much any bookstore near you.

Still not convinced? Here are a few objective reviews (because, let's be honest, I'm not objective):

"After this hilarious read, you may just return to your own crazy-busy routine a little happier." - Redbook

"Perfect to read with friends. A book we love." -Cosmopolitan

"Book pick of the month. Insightful and honest, Winn Scotch keeps it light but delves into the dark doubts of the road not taken." - Family Circle

"A must-read. A fantastic, often funny novel." -Hallmark Magazine

"Scotch’s second book shows a writer coming into her own, a storyteller who doesn’t take the easy way out, and a woman with a fine understanding of human nature." - Booklist

"An engaging, fast-moving, high-concept drama. Scotch keeps one dexterous step ahead of page-flipping readers eager to guess the outcome." - Publishers Weekly

"If you've ever wanted your own do-over, this read will keep you guessing 'til the end." - Library Journal

"Time of My Life is a fabulous, madcap read, but don't be fooled: Allison Winn Scotch's narrator is wrestling with some tough issues: how do I find my place in the world? Can I become a wife and mother without losing myself? Would I have been happier if I had chosen another path? Scotch's book is hilarious and true. I loved it." -Amanda Eyre Ward, author of Sleep Toward Heaven, How To Be Lost and Forgive Me

"I loved this book! Time of My Life is funny and delightful and honest in the way only the best novels can be. Scotch's protagonist, Jillian Westfield, asks the highly-relatable question: "Did I pick the wrong life?" And, as she finds her answer, she also finds her best self. I could not put down this novel, reading it all in one delicious sitting. I envy the reader picking up this book for the first time." - Laura Dave, bestselling author of London is the Best City in America and The Divorce Party

"Time of My Life is for anyone who has asked the question "what if?", which is to say that this book is for everyone. This story of one woman's big regrets and choices will keep you reading all night, and guessing till the very end. An honest and engaging tale about how hindsight may not be twenty-twenty, and how our decisions are rarely black and white. I loved it." -Julie Buxbaum, author of The Opposite of Love

Thanks everyone! Now shut down your computer and rush to your nearest bookstore! (Unless, of course, you're buying online, in which case, stay right where you are.)


Anonymous said...

CONGRATS on your book! How exciting.

Larramie said...

Happy, Happy Debut Day, Allison!

Anonymous said...

Huge congratulations!! This cascade of quotes is truly wonderful, and I wish you a bundle of success on this project. Hooray, you!

Sandra said...

Yippeeeee!! So happy for you, girl! What a day.

So, I was one of the lucky winners of your contest and since I had already pre-ordered the book on amazon, I now have two copies. So, I'm wondering if you would mind if I stole your idea and did a similar (tell me your what-if and win a book) contest on my blog. Would that be okay? (I've already blogged about the book, so this would be a second opportunity to shine the spotlight on YOU.)
Big hugs and congrats today-

Unknown said...

Ooh, the little "A Novel" in the middle of the snowblow is almost shiny somehow! It really stands out!

Congrats on launch day!

Amy said...

Hello! I just purchased your book today and I am very excited to read it! Congrats on your opening day! :)

bob said...

I got my copy from Amazon today in the mail! Yea me! Can't wait to dig in.

I've been away for a tad as I have become the Children's Librarian at my towns library.

Still hear David Cook singing the movie theme song!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Allison!
This is K.S., the one who asked the mentoring question for writers before. Congratulations on your book! Gonna head over to Amazon now to buy it. Too bad you can't sign my copy. I'm working at China now. :(