Monday, October 06, 2008

Hey, So Did You Know...

...That I have a book coming out tomorrow? :) Yep, just in case you hadn't heard.

Whew! And so begins the next few weeks of craziness.

The good news is that I did a lot of Q/As in advance, so here's some reading (and a BOOK GIVEAWAY!) for you guys: : This was a really neat Q/A because it focused on the friendships in the book, which I really enjoyed talking about.) I did a Q/A over at the great women's site, Betty Confidential, and they're GIVING AWAY A BOOK! Check it out! The wonderful Larramie discusses the book, as well as has me chime in on some thoughts. If you don't check out her blog, you should: you won't find a more upbeat, positive person to warm your day!

Oh, and you know, in case you want to order the book, head to Amazon and nab it! (More on that tomorrow!)


Anonymous said...

You must be so excited! I can't wait to dig into my copy!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

YAY!!!!! Get over to Betty quick to enter to win AN AUTOGRAPHED COPY!!!

Hope you can sleep tonight Allison!

Larramie said...

Even having read the ARC six months ago, I'm excited to hold the real book in my hands within days. Enjoy the ride and thank you, Allison!

Jess Riley said...

Congratulations, Allison!!! So exciting!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Allison!
It is a great book~
My interview with you was just posted on The Huffington Post as well.
Do I get two free movie tickets?