Friday, September 21, 2007

Back Next Week!

So sorry about the paltry posts this son started preschool, and I've spent most of the day there, as we deal with separation (even though he doesn't really care if I leave, I have to stay!). So...I haven't had any time to catch up on posts or on your questions, which I know I have a bit of a back log of. (Poor sentence construction there, sorry.) In fact, I covertly slid out this AM to run an errand (and post this message), but I'm running back there now.

Speaking of questions, when I switched formats in July, I didn't mean to indicate that readers couldn't still ask any or all industry/writing related questions, so please do feel free to send them to me, and I'll put them up when I can.

Have a great weekend! I'm rushing back to preschool. :) (Bad mommy who sneaks out!)


Sherry said...

Enjoy this time Allison!! Getting them off to the start of their independent lives in wonderful. I've just sent my "baby" to University this year ~ haven't seen him since September 3rd!! He's home next weekend to do a breast cancer fundraising walk with me and as he said today on facebook, "it will be strange seeing you after so long". True! Longest we've been separated is 10 days when he went to Europe. Enjoy every moment!!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Why are you going back to preschool? Are you volunteering there? I don't get it? Is he sad you're gone? Are YOU sad he's gone? Details!!!