Thursday, July 26, 2007

My First GCC Post: Deborah LeBlanc

So I am so super-duper excited. For the past few years, I've trolled around on the blogs of a slew of authors whom I've admired, all of whom were part of the Girlfriend Cyber Circuit - a club, of sorts, that hosts tours for its authors when they have a book to promote. And I'm thrilled to report that I'm now a part of the GCC! Whoohoo! So, here's my first shot at hosting a tour. The next authors I host will answer personalized and specific questions, but for now, here's Deborah LeBlanc, author of Morbid Curiosity, a horror book whose cover alone will cause you to sleep with the lights on.

Here's what you need to know about the book that Publisher's Weekly calls, “An imaginative chiller. Riveting!”:

It seemed like the answer to Haley’s prayers. The most popular girl in her high school promised Haley that her life would change forever if only she performed certain dark rituals. And if Haley can convince her twin sister to participate, their power will double. Together they will be able to summon mystical entities they never dared dream of. But these are powerful, uncontrollable forces, forces that can kill—forces that demand to be fed . . .

The Horror Fiction Review says this about Deborah, "It’s now official: Deborah LeBlanc has become a master not only of good spooky stories, but also of crafting great characters to fill them!” And here are a few other things you need to know about her:

She is the president of the Horror Writers Association, president of the Writers’ Guild of Acadiana, and an active member of Mystery Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, the National Association of Women Writers, and International Thriller Writers Inc. In 2004, she created the LeBlanc Literacy Challenge, an annual, national campaign designed to encourage more people to read. Her most recent novels are: FAMILY INHERITANCE, GRAVE INTENT, A HOUSE DIVIDED, and MORBID CURIOSITY. Deborah’s next release, WATER WITCH, is scheduled to be on bookstore shelves in August ’08. For more information on Deborah or the Literacy Challenge, visit


Anonymous said...

Ooooh this looks good. Sold me. I haven't read a good spooky story in awhile- my last one was Joe Hill which I quite liked too. I'll go bug my independent to make sure she has a copy on her shelf.

Larramie said...

I'd love to read your debut novel, Deborah, but the cover alone would almost certainly cause nightmares. However I do have friends and will pass the title on to them.

Congratulations and much good luck.