Monday, July 23, 2007

Free Books!

One of the things that I love so much about the internet (besides my ability to endlessly procrastinate on gossip sites), is how many people I've met via the web. Writing seems like it should be a very solitary existance, but thanks to the web, for me, it doesn't feel that way at all. I've made so many "friends," and even though I haven't met many of them face-to-face, they (many of whom read this blog) know things about my life, both professionally and personally, and for that (and them), I'm thankful. This profession must have felt a lot lonelier 20 years ago.

So, to that end, I am super, duper-excited to get my copy of (my online friend) Gwendolen Gross's The Other Mother in the mail this August (I've pre-ordered on Amazon), but now one of you lucky readers might land yourself a free copy. Like TDLF, it's been selected as a Redbook Book Club of the Month pick, so I'm sure that it's fabu!

Here are the details:

BLOGGERS! FREE BOOKS! GWENDOLEN GROSS, once called "the queen of women's adventure fiction," has moved on to the rich loamy pastures of writing about motherhood. THE OTHER MOTHER will be out August 7th, and Gwendolen is giving away signed copies of her third novel (which takes both sides of the mommy wars, with two first person narrators) to the first five bloggers who email her at return, you need to have a blog, and agree to read and blog about the book during the week of August 7th.
Send her your blog address and mailing address, and if you're one of the top 5, she'll send you a book!

For more on THE OTHER MOTHER, visit "suspenseful and compulsively readable"--Harlan Coben "..manages to engage all the contradictions of motherhood, marriage, and friendship.."--Rosellen Brown And for a free mini-writing-workshop, visit

And watch for THE OTHER MOTHER (REDBOOK's SEPT BOOK CLUB PICK), coming to a store near you.


Patti said...

i love stuff like this...just emailed her, but i have no idea if i came in under the 5 freebies.

thanks for the head's up!

Anonymous said...

Allison--you rock! Thank you so much for sharing this for me.

Patti--I didn't get your email yet (there are still a couple left)--did you email to
(people often put in a Y instead of the second E.)

Thanks again, Super-Allison!

Gift of Green said...

Thank you, Allison! I was fortunate enough to get a copy of Gwendolen's new book - unfortunately that darn book kept me up late for two nights straight, hee, hee. I posted a review on my blog. Thanks again!