Monday, June 25, 2007

You Show Me Yours...

Now that I've read TDLF, would you mind sharing your query letter for it? It might help inspire those of us struggling to concoct the perfect letter!

Sure, no probs. Here ya go (note, the name of the book got changed after I signed w/my agent):

Dear XX,

Natalie Miller had a plan. She had a goddamn plan. Top of her class at Dartmouth. Even better at Yale Law. Youngest aide ever to the powerful Senator Claire Dupris. Higher, faster, stronger. This? Was all part of the plan. True, she was so busy ascending the political ladder that she rarely had time to sniff around her mediocre relationship with Ned, who fit the three Bs to the max: basic, blond and boring, and she definitely didn't have time to mourn her mangled relationship with Jake, her budding rock star ex-boyfriend.

The lump in her breast that Ned discovers during brain-numbingly bland morning sex? That? Was most definitely not part of the plan. And Stage IIIA breast cancer? Never once had Natalie jotted this down on her to-do list for conquering the world. When her (tiny-penised) boyfriend has the audacity to dump her on the day after her diagnosis, Natalie's entire world dissolves into a tornado of upheaval, and she's left with nothing but her diary to her ex-boyfriends (who, in her haze of delirium, she tracks down like a wolf does prey), her mornings lingering over the Price is Right, her burnt out stubs of pot which carry her past the chemo pain, and finally, the weight of her choices - the ones that might drown her if she doesn't find a buoy.

Round Trip is a story of hope, of resolve, of digging deeper than you thought possible until you find the strength not to crumble, and ultimately, of making your own good luck, even when you’ve been dealt an unsteady hand.

I'm a freelance writer and have contributed to, among others, American Baby, American Way, Arthritis Today, Bride's, Budget Living, Cooking Light, Fitness, Glamour, InStyle Weddings, Lifetime Television, Men's Edge, Men's Fitness, Men's Health, Parenting, Parents, Prevention, Redbook, Self, Shape, Sly, Stuff, USA Weekend, Weight Watchers, Woman's Day, Women's Health, and,, and I also ghostwrote The Knot Book of Wedding Flowers.

If you are interested, I'd love to send you the completed manuscript.

Thanks so much! Looking forward to speaking with you soon.



MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Such a great query letter Allison!

How did you feel about them wanting a different title? I like Round Trip as well! Who chose TDLF for a title--did you have to brainstorm? (Feel free to use these Qs in upcoming Ask Allisons, cuz I'm really curious)... of course, I could just send ya an email!

Also, when I read this query, I was reminded of Jake the rock star in TDLF--I just read Dedication by the Nanny Diaries girls and there is a guy named Jake (Sharpe) who is a rock star in that book too. Have you read it?

Larramie said...

Round Trip? Were you thinking of Natalie coming full circle, Allison? Of course she did much more than that, therefore TDLF is perfect.

Trish Ryan said...

It's always fun to see how titles change - I love "Round Trip," but can't imagine TDLF under any other name. Your book cover is one of my all-time favorites :)

Allison Winn Scotch said...

Thanks, guys! MM - I'll answer your questions later this week. I haven't yet read Dedication, but do have a copy b/c they were signing right next to me at BEA, so I'll check it out!