Friday, June 29, 2007

A Little Horn-Tootin'

Wanted to take today to note some new raves and reviews for TDLF.

Haven't gotten your copy yet? WHY NOT???

Buy it here: Amazon.

- One of my favorite book blogging sites, Trashionista, posted a wonderful review last week, calling it "thoughtful," "heartwarming," "informative," and yes, "funny."

-The lovely librarians at Hennepin County Library in Minnesota have a fab book blog, and this week, they highlighted TDLF, noting that they found it, "Just plain great." Woo-hoo!

And finally, Romance Junkies (rated one of the top 101 sites by Writers Digest), has this to say about the book: "A fantastic debut. I loved this book, and would recommend it to those looking for a story strong in both love and friendship."

So what are you waiting for??? Buy it now!


Trish Ryan said...

Congrats, Allison - how awesome to have the great reviews rolling in! Keep these around for the days when working on your next book feels like a waste of time, to remind you that all this effort leads to something great.

Larramie said...

Um, so what's new? ;o) Seriously though, Allison, I've known this for quite a while...congratulations!