Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Yeah, I Should Leave My House More Often

One of the things that I think I forget as a writer is how much fun it is to be, um, you know, not sitting in my office by myself all day long. I swear, in high school and college, I was super-social, but slowly, with every passing year, I've become hermetic, and honestly, if you locked me in my house with a computer and some supplies, I could probably live out my days happily. :)

So the good news is that I got off my ass last night, put on some killer heels (which subsequently twisted my ankle, proving that I am definitely more of a Converse gal than Louboutin gal) and trekked down to Prince Street to read with Laura Dave at McNally Jackson. And oh what a night we had!

The store was packed - standing room only, and it was chock full of friends, industry-folks and writers, including Anna David, Joanne Rendell, Alison Pace and Jasmin Rosemberg, and it was so, so, so awesome to have their support (and meet a few of them for the first time after years-long internet friendship). Laura and I each read sections from our books and then we took questions, which we answered in tandem. It's always interesting to hear how different authors approach different things - from the writing process to the research process to what we enjoy most (and least) about this whole shebang, so I actually thought it was a pretty informative gig (personally speaking, since I loved hearing Laura talk...I have no idea if I came off as a blithering idiot or an acute smarty).

Anyway, more importantly, I got out and met some readers who loved the book and talked to friends whom I haven't seen in a while and grabbed a slice of pizza with my agent (yes, very glamorous, we were both so exhausted that we begged off of the chichi drinks with Laura and her editor and some others), and came home both exhilarated and totally pooped. But it was a wonderful reminder that part of being a writer is getting out there in the world and soaking it all in...and now I have all the more material to seal myself in my office for at least another year. :)


Lisa Romeo said...

I had a similar experience recently, got out and had a great time, and found myself thinking, on the way home...so WHY don't I get out more often?
Yeah, page counts, kids, deadlines, clients, all of that...but REALLY, how can we expect to refurbish the mental fodder bin if all we do is hang out with ourselves?
Not to mention, that I really rather bore myself after a while.

suzanneelizabeths.com said...

Ditto, I tend to be a recluse and then am surprised at how much I enjoy myself once I'm out and about.

I'm guessing it's also a terrific motivator to receive the positive feedback about your writing and to meet people that can't wait to read your next book!

LarramieG said...

Here, too, it's either lovely comfort or a power surge of bright lights and best friends. My guess is that you're still smiling!

Anonymous said...

Imagine if we could find time for a daily excursion!

I might have to cut back on my reading to explore this place called "the world" or whatever. ;-)

anna david said...

you were great. it was so interesting to hear about the writing process for other people. i related completely to the way you approach writing, and that it was the magazine training (deadlines deadlines deadlines) that's probably my greatest asset as a novelist. so glad i went!

Unknown said...

Aw, yay! Looking forward to joining in on more stuff like this once our household moves up to NYC in a few months. Online writer commiseration is fun, but nothing beats that "getting out there in the world" feeling.

Anonymous said...

That is soo great! You look awesome btw and I am totally jealous! How I long to have a slice of pizza with an agent!!

Hah! I'm the same way though give me the cp, tunes, and some food and caffiene the cp is my world!

abigail said...

Allison congratulations! Standing room only is exactly what you deserve! When are you coming to Seattle so we can give you some applause in person??