Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I'm Getting My Groove Back

Thanks to everyone who chimed in on yesterday's post. Very, very good thoughts, and I hope my post didn't come off as divisive or judge-y or condescending. I only meant it to provoke some good food for thought, and I think it achieved its goal. :)

So in other news in my life, I am so excited to report that I've taken the leap and started my next book. I'll be honest with you: those first few pages, well, really up to probably about 10k words, where the ms starts to feel substantial, are very, very difficult for me. Knowing the uphill battle that I face - banging out 80k words or so - is so daunting, even though I know I've done it before and know that I have it in me to do again. But still. I hate the onset. I can't imagine a time when I will ever like it. The blank page practically mocks me as I sit there trying to fill it up so that the words amount to something more than a few paragraphs.

But I returned home from vacation determined to just dive in...and so, I did. I just did it. And once I got going, it proved a lot easier than I remembered it would, even though, as I hit the groove, I also remembered it being pretty great when you hit your stride in your prose. So I wrote about 4k in two days, and I plan to (ideally) write at least 1-2k each work day from here until the finish line. I'll keep you posted. I've found that the only way for me to maintain my momentum is to just throw myself into the deep end and keep swimming until I'm done. So this ms will likely consume my every thought (and many blog posts!) for a while. I hope you don't mind. :)

So, with that said, it feels like it's going to be a pretty happy holiday weekend for me. I hope that yours is the same - optimism in this time when it might not be so easy to be optimistic, quality time with your family, nourishment to help restore whatever part of you needs to be restored.

Happy holidays! See you in a few days!


Brenda Janowitz said...

Beginnings are usually my favorite part-- and the easiest part-- for me! I'm so surprised to hear you say that you don't love starting out!

The middle is where the self-doubt kicks in for me, and the feelings of "I'll never finish this thing." I start to think of ideas for other projects, and other beginnings that could be great.

I'm sure that a psychologist could have a field day with all of this and what it means about us!!

Warm wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season!


Rebecca Daneault said...

This time of year is all about starting over, so it's perfect timing. Personally, I'm really focusing on ramping up my freelance writing work through online outsourcing sites so that I can (hopefully) stay home with my daughter next year.