Monday, November 03, 2008

A Few More Links While I Try to Get My Act Together

So I have every intention of posting some industry-related posts, but I am fighting a losing battle with my in-box and replying to emails right now. So while I attempt to swim upstream, here are a few more Q/As I did as of late. Actually, though, now that I think of it, some of them have industry-related answers, so maybe I'm not a total disappointment!

Oh, also, I know that there are some new readers here who are anxious for how-to-break-in tips. Before I get into that, please do search the archives, and I think you'll find lots of good info. Not that I'm averse to discussing this again, but just to point you in the right direction...

Anyway, a few good links:

Side Dish -

Editor Unleashed -

Riley's Ramblings -

Daisy Whitney's New Media Minute: (This isn't a Q/A, but Daisy is always discussing interesting media issues, and she also happens to mention the book this week. Check out here site for more and sign up for her mailing list or follow her on Twitter!)


Anonymous said...

I will show you why your audience wants to know How to be a Socialite.
Flake or Philanthropist?
• Now more than ever there are people in need. Volunteerism is crucial.
• Plus, giving back to charity makes people feel amazing about themselves.
• And who doesn't like a party where the money goes to a non profit?
I will show your audience 10 ways to be a socialite in an hour a week.
It's human nature to want to help others.
I am the Socialite expert on NBC40 during the today show.
A women's place is on the social ladder.

Beth Dunn

Anonymous said...

I know you mentioned you are busy, but I'm interested in your thoughts on the recent upturn in freelance writing opportunities (not even sure if you read your comments). I just found some interesting trends ( that show writing jobs are up, which I find fascinating given the state of the economy right now. Do you think this is accurate? I'm curious to know what published writers think about this. Thanks!