Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Man, Sometimes I Love My Job

So, despite the fact that I am feeling all sorts of anxious pressure this week, I am also seriously loving my job right now too. One of the things I love most about what I do is that I get the chance to speak to all sorts of people whose work I admire, so I am super-super-super psyched to interview Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton from Friday Night Lights this week. I even got to see an advanced screener of the season three premiere episode! My husband walked into my office and said, "Nice, I thought you were working," and I said, "I AM working, darling! THIS is my work!" I mean, what a great job I have: watching one of my favorite all-time shows as a requirement for an interview! Btw, if you're not watching this show, you are seriously missing out. I was a late-comer to it, but bought both seasons of DVDs (like, $25 on Amazon), and it was the best money I've ever spent. For real.

I'm also loving life this week because I wrote the cover story for American Way that comes out today, in which I interviewed Brooke Shields. I do a lot of celebrity interviews, but most of these are Q/As, and when I was assigned this piece, my editor and I chatted about the fact that I'd write it as a straight profile. And man, I was nervous. Nervous, nervous, nervous. But I pushed myself and pushed myself, and I got over my nerves, and I focused, and I wrote a piece that I'm really proud of. Which just goes to show that even after years in this business, you can always challenge yourself and find new ways to raise the bar. It went so well that I wrote the next cover piece for American Way too.

And then, to top off this already awesome week, I'm also profiled in American Way! Squeee! Check out the interview they did of me about Time of My Life. It was soooo strange to be on the other side of the interview, but it was a lot of fun, and I'm thrilled with how it came out.

So tell me, what's your favorite part of your job? Have you ever tackled a project that you thought might be out of your league, and then proved to yourself that you could do it?


Anonymous said...


Thank you -- you're motivating me. I need to hear about writers being scared but overcoming it and pushing themselves, especially when they've already done a lot of writing.

The Renegade Writer site was asking for ideas yesterday and I said I needed inspirational stories. Linda wrote back that she liked the idea and would do some Q & A's. She should interview you!

Anonymous said...

Very nice article. You captured what I love about Brooke Shields. Even though she's a huge star, she comes across as just one of us.

Anonymous said...

Great piece in American Way on Brooke Shields!! And I loved the interview with you on TIME OF MY LIFE!

Can I just say that I have the exact same love for Felicity that you do!? I have yet to feel the same way about a show as I did for Felicity and it's always nice to know there is a kindred spirit out there! I am going to keep my fingers crossed that Keri Russell is cast in the film version! How amazing would that be?!?!?!?!

Just B said...

Fuuny you should ask...After being up at 1 am with a sick 3 year-old my brain got to buzzing about an article idea for my local paper (Austin-American Statesman). I think my idea hits on a different aspect of a problem presented in several recent articles.

Here is my problem: We are in the process of moving and all my (few) clips, resume, contact info is not accessible. I feel like the timeliness of my idea will pass if I wait to have all my stuff. Should I try to pull it together the best I can and pitch my idea? Or will I just end up looking super unprofessional and burning bridges I haven't even crossed?

(Sorry you asked, aren't you?)

BTW, picked up The Department of Lost and Found yesterday--love it!

Allison Winn Scotch said...

Thanks, guys! Kristen - definitely don't be afraid of the challenge. I've found that when I push myself, I often produce my best work, whereas when I'm totally comfortable with what I'm doing, my work might flatline a bit, you know?

Jocelyn - yay! Felicity + Ben 4evah! :) I'm telling you, the show that has come closest in my obsessiveness is Friday Night Lights. Check it out!

Just b - I wouldn't tackle something if you think you'll come off as less than professional. It's just not worth it. But if you can set aside a bit of time to focus, then go for it. But putting in a less than stellar effort, especially for your first impression, could really come back to bite you.

Alison Ashley Formento said...

I love the piece on you and your book in American Way and the one on Brooke Shields. I did an interview with her a few years ago and found her so easy to chat with—those are the best subjects because then the profiles nearly write themselves.

You truly are an inspiration and remind me why I love my job, too!

Larramie said...

Two amazing interviews, Allison, and it's thrilling to know you're living ToML without having to return to the past! *G*

xxxx said...

I have interviewed Kyle Chandler and he is a complete doll ... you will love him!!!

Unknown said...

OMG I can't believe you get to interview Coach AND Mrs. T... yes, I know they're actors not characters, but I'm such an FNL fan, I'd just be sitting there going "It's Coach! I'm talking to Coach! Coach, I love you!"

It's definitely a very cool week to be you. Congrats on all of it!

Allison Winn Scotch said...

Thanks, guys! Ashley and Swishy - how cool that you've also interviewed them.

Sigh. I can happily report that Coach Taylor and Mrs. Coach are as cool as expected. Is it too much to want to move to Dillon, TX now? said...

How wonderful that all these good things are piling up at once, kinda like an early Christmas for you!!!