Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I'm Storked!

Yes, two posts in one day! I wanted to put up a note about one of Glamour's blogs called Storked, which has a shout-out to Time of My Life today, but also is a great place for moms-to-be or moms who want a little commiseration. (What? Like you don't occasionally need to commiserate? Come on!) :)

While you're there, click on Vitamin G, which is a blog run by my pal, Sarah Jio. Sarah was a freelance writer just like so many of us (actually, she still is!, I don't know why I wrote that in the past tense), and landed the fabu job of running the blog...which is sort like a freelancing home-run: all the perks of freelancing but with a steady stream of assignments from one of the best magazines out there. Anyway, Vitamin G is the place to head for all sorts of health-related news, tips, ideas and articles, so be sure to check it out and add it to your favorites! The beauty of these blogs is that they're updated several times a day, so whenever you're ready to procrastinate, there's something new there to be read. :)

I've been a Glamour subscriber for literally over a decade (yikes, I'm old), and I love that I can get a dose of their sharp writing and fresh wit on a daily basis.

(Now don't forget to keep reading to today's other post...and then scroll back up to click on Storked and Vitamin G!)


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Sandra said...

Two post in a day, jogged five miles, second novel done, you're a mom, AND you're younger than me? I'm gonna eat some worms.