Tuesday, August 19, 2008

To Publish or Not to Publish, That Is the Question

Question of the day: I have been offered publication for a memoir and my poems by Publish America, but have reservations on going ahead with it as I've heard stories of authors not receiving payment for books sold by the publishing company. I would appreciate your opinion.

I really don't know anything about Publish America, to be honest, but I wanted to post your question in case someone else here does. I took a look at their website, and it appears that it's not a self-publishing situation, but I don't know more.

One thing I will say, however, is that it is incredibly difficult for your book to get press, eyeballs and distribution with a traditional, biggie publisher, and I do think you have to prepare yourself for a difficult situation, in terms of making money and getting readers/in bookstores, if you take this route. The truth is, whether or not it is PC to say, is that not all publishers are created equal, and just because you're published, doesn't really mean that things will take off for you.

Which isn't meant to be a downer on your question. Just the honest truth.

Readers out there - anyone know about Publisher America? Thoughts?


Anonymous said...

An agent spoke at a recent wriers' group meeting I attended and was asked about Publish America. Her opinion was pretty negative--the main criticism I can recall is that it does not take returns, so many bookstores won't accept their books, period.

Hope this helps,
Kim Schworm Acosta

Allison Winn Scotch said...

Also, Laurie posted the following below:

Your comments are closed on your next post, but the one about Publish America? Please tell your reader to be very very careful.

Start here:

There's an entire topic full of threads discussing issues people have had with Publish America.

There's also this post with more links:

I hope this helps...

Unknown said...

I have heard many many many bad things about Publish America. I remember one agent saying she'd rather an author have no credits than one who'd published with PA.

Cathy Bueti said...

I don't have any information or experience with Publisher America however I wanted to just comment on what you said in the post.
My memoir was published in 2006 by a small press publisher who really didn't have the means to push the book as far as press, reviews etc. So I learned the hard way how much work it was to try to promote the book myself. It never really made it into bookstores, just a handful, and I have tried to do what I can but I can attest to how difficult a situation it can be.
And Allison, as you said...not to be a downer, but it is the honest truth.
Love this blog! So much to learn...