Monday, June 09, 2008

And, Finally, Variety!

So it doesn't say too, too much new stuff re: the film deal, but it's still pretty cool to be on the top stories of today's Variety.

This is my last post about this, I promise! (Other than updates as to what is going on, progress, casting, etc, if things move ahead as hoped.)

And, in back to reality news, I'm getting cracking on the next book today. Yikes. I've been feeling a bit paralyzed with my writing: Time of My Life has been so well-received that I've been struggling to come up with that "great hook" that everyone has been singing about in TOML. It might sound weird, but it sort of has me frozen - feeling like I might not be able to top this book. Not in terms of writing quality, because I'll always push myself to be better, but in concept...because I've learned that concept is king when it comes to enthusiasm from your publisher, reviewers, booksellers, etc.

But my agent suggested that I revisit the book that I wrote in between TOML and TDLF - that there were some really good ideas there and some good writing, even if it wasn't super-high concept, so I'm going to start rereading today and see what I can pluck out of there and make it a little more hooky. (Is hooky a word? Does it sound like my book is prostituting itself? Hmmm, must rethink that.) :) It's sort of like remodeling a house: I'll pull what I like, ditch what I don't, and hopefully come out with a much better product. But it also might turn into a never-ending remodeling project that ends with my head exploding. We'll see.

So that's where I am. We'll see how it goes. I'm a little distracted with all this other stuff, but do need to get cracking. I'd like to have my next book nearly done by the time TOML comes out in October. I'll keep you posted on my progress and maybe we'll do a little writing challenge with blog readers.

Anyone else out there working on a work-in-progress?


Larramie said...

Maybe in your wildest daydreams, Allison, you imagined being noted in Variety as an actor, but THIS?

Congratulations again and happy reading!

Unknown said...

This is probably going to have everybody up in arms, but, isn't the premise of the book a re-hash of "Peggy Sue Got Married"?

Allison Winn Scotch said...

LOL, Larramie. Thanks!

Andrew, it doesn't get me up in arms at all. I barely remember the movie (a little bit before my time), but the general synopsis that was released in Variety says nothing about the meatier themes of the book: childhood abandonment, infertility, mommy wars, etc. Maybe the movie touched on those issues - I have no idea - but frankly, as a good writer friend of mine once said, we all write about the same things, we just write about them in different ways. To that end, I have no problem comparing the book to Sliding Doors, Family Man, 13 Going on 30 and even parts of Felicity. Shrug. If you don't like the theme, don't read the book or see the movie. And I mean that as non-snarkily as possible. Doesn't bother me at all. said...

So many congrats on Variety. But don't let it stop you, consider it an indication of just how much talent you have!

I didn't know you wrote a different novel in between TOML and TDLF? Did it just fizzle out or did TOML take over?

I do have a novel in progress, the first draft is already written and I'm currently going through the revision process and posting it chapter by chapter on my blog. It seems to keep me motivated doing it that way.

BTW, this week I'm giving away a subscription to Budget Travel magazine as a further inspiration to The Grand Tour theme! Stop by and tell me where you want to go on your dream holiday.

Anonymous said...

That is FABULOUS! Wow.

Now I have a question for you about The Next One. You wrote this post in June and you said you'd like to have your next book finished by October . . . can you finish a novel in four months? Is that how long it took you on your last (first) two? I'm curious how long it takes most people to complete novels once they've gone through the vertical learning cure of The First One.