Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Where's Waldo? And I'm Giving Away Stuff!

Or, in this case, where's The Department?

So, in case you're just tuning in, today marks the release of the paperback of The Department of Lost and Found! The always awesome Trish Ryan, whose own book is out NEXT WEEK (more on that next week!), was cool enough to email me yesterday to say that not only did she spot the book in the Borders at the Detroit airport (which is so awesome because those stores take a limited selection, and to be honest, I never thought mine would be among them!), but she proceeded to snap a picture of it, and in doing so, nabbed the interest of two shoppers and convinced them to BUY IT!! Yes, Trish is a rock star.

Which got me to thinking...

Because I live in NYC and am not capable of teleporting, I obviously can't spy the book out and about the country. So...let's play a little game here at Ask Allison. Let's all rush out to the bookstores (yes, right now!), and come back here and post where you saw the book. If you can snap a picture and send it to me, even better! In return, I'll randomly choose four people who post their results and reward them with $25 gift certificates to Amazon...which, if you're doing the math, means essentially, that you'll make a profit on purchasing the book! (Should you choose to purchase it, that is.)

So, to recap: spot the book at your local store, snap a pic (if possible), post about where you saw it/the experience, and enter to win a gift certificate! I'll put all the names in a hat and draw from there, and I'll let this run through the end of the week.

Who's in? This should be fun!


Anonymous said...

Allison - I'm so in on this. I just won a copy of Jen Singer's book, "You're a Good Mom, and Your Kids Aren't So Bad Either" (way to plug, Jane) this very way! I'm the queen of the camera-photo contest. Plus, I'm almost ready to buy Season 4 of "Six Feet Under," so I need that Amazon gift certificate!


Anonymous said...

And just for the record, I already have a copy of "The Department of Lost and Found" and think it's fabulous. :-)

Anonymous said...

I want to play too. I just called our local bookstore, Bloomsbury Books, and they don't have it. But I just ordered it. They said it would take two days. I asked them to order a second copy for the store as well, though I don't know if they will or not. The bummer is I'm leaving town on Thursday for Chicago and then Mexico and I won't have it to read on the plane.

Trish Ryan said...

If only I'd taken more than one picture in Detroit....I could have entered multiple times!!!

Given that I might be in a bookstore here in Cambridge with my camera looking for another book anyway, though, I'll wander over to fiction and see what I can find :)

Moll said...

I bought your book today! I came to check out your blog because I started reading it and am LOVING it. I first heard about it either through Manic Mommy's blog or Jen Lancaster's. Can't remember which. Anyway, there was a stack of them on the "New in Paperback" table at the Barnes and Noble in Park Slope (Brooklyn) on 7th Ave.