Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Getting Organized

I was wondering if you could recommend some writers' organizations I could look into joining. Do you belong to any?

The only "official" organization to which I belong is the American Society of Journalists and Authors, also known as ASJA. It's a group of talented, well-regarded journalists (they have fairly strict entry requirements), and its focus is on non-fiction journalism. You can grab invaluable contract advice from its contract committee, and I particularly enjoy the month newsletter, which has insidery tips on who is paying what, who is delinquent in payment and lots of other good scoop.

That said, ASJA does not cater to fiction writers, so I'm also debating joining The Authors' Guild. I received an invitation package when TDLF came out, but I just haven't gotten my rear in gear. But I've heard that TAG is a wonderful advocate on behalf of writers, and from what I could tell, it looks like a network of tremendously accomplished authors.

There is also the National Writers Union, which I really know very little about, and I'm sure that there are a slew of others. Anyone want to chime in on where you belong and why?

I should note that the membership I find the most valuable is at FreelanceSuccess.com, which has no strict requirements for entry - but just asks that you maintain a professional, helpful and friendly attitude on the boards. Which, for 99% of the folks there, isn't hard at all.

So where do you guys belong? And why?


Maddy said...

Nice thought - maybe in my next life.
Best wishes

Marijke Vroomen-Durning said...

Because of my medical writing,I belong to a few associations: PWAC (professional writers association of canada), EAC (editors association of canada), AMWA, and the QWF (quebec writers federation).
I do find I get the most pleasure out of Freelance Success though. Well worth the annual fee.

Anonymous said...

There are some very interesting comments from editors about how they view ASJA in this post on The Renegade Writer blog:

Kristen said...

I believe there is a women's writing guild. Check out ladies who launch, too.