Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I'm Back!

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend! I, for one, went to a wedding in Calistoga, CA and then on to San Francisco (SFians - you can find signed copies of TDLF at Borders!), which was fabulous, albeit a really long trip. But we relaxed and caught up on sleep and ate way too much and drank wine, and all in all, it was great, though I did miss the kids (and hate toting my pump everywhere!). Anyhoo, back to reality today. we go.

I have my first national byline! Question for you is if I'm supposed to send my editor a note or a gift or anything??

Congrats!!! There are few things more exciting than seeing your name in print for one of the first times. Enjoy the thrill.

No, no presents - a well-written article is present enough for your editor! :) Instead, send her a note thanking her for the assignment, saying it was a pleasure to work for her, and pitch her another ass-kicking idea asap. Successful freelancing is all about relationship-building, and the two ways to do this are 1) to be gracious and easy to work with and 2) to make yourself invaluable to an editor by suggesting great ideas and following up with great stories. You might not land another assignment right away from this editor, but don't be discouraged...after all, this editor already knows that you can deliver...keep pitching and eventually, another assignment should come in.

Readers, how do you follow up to a new-to-you editor?


Anonymous said...

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Michelle Knudson, Freelance Writer

Allison Winn Scotch said...

Thank you, Michelle!

Anonymous said...

Ouch! Don't send editors gifts! That would be embarrassing for the editor & for you. Allison is right: sending a note of appreciation and another idea is the way to go. You're starting a professional relationship, and do stay in contact, but don't appear desperate or unduly grateful.
I work as both an editor of a lifestyle magazine, and a writer for magazines, so I know both sides of the desk. Be professional.
One thing you COULD do sometime is visit the editor in her office and bring a box of muffins or a token gift like a house plant division, or take her out to coffee. But wait until you have a relationship that would allow a visit without making a big deal of it.

Marijke Vroomen-Durning said...

Hi, I followed a link on Sue's blog to here. Very nice blog.
To answer your question about following up with a new-to-you editor, I don't have anything in particular. I have one new editor who sought me out after she saw some work and I'll be getting some regular work from her so I plan on sending her a nice card to thank her for seeking me out.

The other editors, I stay very friendly, chatty if it's appropriate and I always send a nice thank you note after a project is finished. If it's a small one, it's just a simple "thanks for the work," type of note. If it's bigger, it's a bit more detailed.