Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Adios Amigos!

Last Friday, my hubby and I celebrated our five-year anniversary. It's so hard to believe that it's been five years, but when you think about it - all that we've gone through and accomplished - it's pretty easy to see where our time has gone.

Here's the math on what he and I, either separately or together, have accomplished since March 23, 2002:

-Had 2 amazing children
-Adopted 1 now very pampered, overindulged pooch
-Bought 3 different apartments
-Land 3 kick-ass jobs and/or promotions (him)
-Taken 1 fledgling freelance career and seen it soar (me)
-Sold 1 novel
-Lost 1 of my best friends, a bridesmaid at our wedding, to breast cancer

It's amazing when you look back on it to see how far you've come. I mean, marriage is hard, and there's no doubt that it takes a ton of work, but when you reap the rewards, like many of them on the above list, it's hard not to think of it as a success.

So, dear readers, with that said, hubby and I are off to Mexico for the rest of the week, to celebrate our success sans children and with the help of (I hope) a very talented masseuse. :) I'm packing four books -
Catching Genius by Kristy Kiernan, Good Things by Mia Kim, Then We Came to the End by Joshua Ferris, and The Spellman Files by Lisa Lutz - and I plan to do little other than read, sleep, eat and be extremely pampered (by both husband and the hotel). An occasional run on the beach might be called for too.

Adios! See you when we get back.

So...where have your last five years taken you?


Anonymous said...

What a great idea (both the trip to Mexico and the taking stock of the past 5 years). Congratulations! I'll contribute this:
1. Jumped from design to writing.
2. Jumped from corporate to freelance.
3. Ended a wrong love.
4. Began a lasting love.
5. Ditched the dye and embraced my prematurally gray hair. I think it looks smashing.

Larramie said...

Life has been filled with too many good things in the past 5 years to even begin...but I'm most grateful that they've all made me grow. And that is the true reward of any accomplishment.

You'll enjoy Good Things by Mia King, be drawn into Kristy Kiernan's Catching Genius and I'll be joining you soon in reading The Spellman Files by Lisa Lutz.

Congratulations, Allison, to you and your husband and DO rest up as the debut awaits!

Travel safe.

Anonymous said...

You forgot the sex part on what you'll be doing on vacation! Hope you're having fun!

My last five years:

Completed my family by having my third healthy, beautiful child.

Moved from Philadelphia back home to Chicago because husband was promoted to president of his company.

Worked to get published in regional and national publications, but quit to focus on fiction writing.

Finished my novel, worked like a freakin' freak to get me an agent.

Scored a part-time editing web job that is so awesome cuz I call the shots--when I want to work/how much.

Still loving my husband after (DEAR GOD!) 14 years of marriage.

Have seen way too many loved ones battle brain/breast cancer, lymphoma, but they are all doing (thank God!) fabulously!

I think that's about all.

Oops, to follow along with yogababy up there--STARTED dyeing my hair AND highlighting! : )

I love that we can come here and be happy about our blessed lives!

Signing Anon (because I hate to boast about the good things in fear of jinxing life) but you know who I am, Allison! : )

Trish said...

Good things in five years:

Married a wonderful man, headed to 4 years in October, moved to Seattle, which I love (but may leave soon because of an upcoming impending move), discovered Mac computing, learned to be myself, let my career go big, realized goals of writing and see those taking off as well.

Wow, good five years!

Happy anniversary, AWS and AS! Enjoy!

Alison Ashley Formento said...

Please have a good tasty margarita for me while you're there relaxing! Mucho gusto!

Five great years here!
Healthy, amazing kids and husband
Worked published in national magazines
A few short stories published
Being part of a great critique group and meeting lots of writer friends at conferences
Finished my novel and shopping it now!

A great five years, but the only thing that really matters is the first item on my list.

Anonymous said...

Hope you're having a great (restful trip). Just got back from a road trip and I am soooo tired!