Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Great Tips for New Writers

I was doing my usual quick blog tour this morning and saw this post from Nadia Cornier, the agent who founded Firebrand Literary. Scroll down to her past few entries for some great insights on the revision process and writing process in general.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link Allison, good info!

Larramie said...

Talk about serendipity! Don't you just love when that happens? :o))

Stevie Rey said...

Hi Allison,
Thanks again for all this useful info! I'm am ravenous (I love that word) for knowledge of the publishing industry!

I have 3 stats that I'm curious about and just would like some ball park figures?

1) How many books sold would constitute a successful first book?

2) What would constitute a nice yearly income of a successful author starting out? I know this is a tough question, but I need to have some idea as I plan my career. I cannot find anything on the internet!

3) What would consitute a nice advance for a first book?

Thanks Allison!

Stevie Rey