Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Exposing My Worst Nightmare

Here is a question for you- are you worried about second book syndrome? Do you have one written? This is not intended to stress you out- but merely taps into my own primal fears. Am I worried?

DOES THIS (cue: frantic, hair-pulling, sleep-deprived, cuticle-chewing, rabid, sweaty pregnant woman) LOOK LIKE SOMEONE WHO IS WORRIED TO YOU??????!!!??!?

Phew. Okay then. Yes, I am totally and completely suffering from SBS. I'm relieved to know that I'm not alone - Jen Lancaster has blogged about this recently, and I guess I find comfort in numbers. For whatever reason, the second book is 10000000000000x harder than the first. Perhaps it's the pressure of knowing that you delivered once and that you could totally, completely and utterly bomb the next time out, or perhaps it's just that I was so inspired by the idea behind TDLF that it flew out of my brain without much effort, but either way, my second ms has stalled at about 35k words (more on that below). In fact, I'd committed myself to writing 1k words a day over the summer and having a draft completed by Sept, but that was before I discovered blogging. :) Now, the time I spend doing this should be the time I spent doing that. Ah well. Just don't let my agent know! (She's away this week, so I can slip this in!)

Anyone out there working on his or her second book? Got any tips (besides Xanax?) to help?


Alyssa Goodnight said...

I'm also writing my second book and like you, recently started actively blogging. I had also been feeling guilty about spending time reading others' blogs and writing mine instead of working on my manuscript, but I finally decided that I'm justified in alloting myself the time to learn how to make my writing process easier and more efficient.

As for SBS, I don't have it--maybe because it's taking me so long to write this one, it's a non-issue until I get a little closer to the end. Or, maybe because I'm thinking of pursuing traditional publishing this time around, it really feels like a first book ;)

Sara Hantz said...

OMG SSB..... because the first one was a fluke... I mean was the editor on something when he agreed to buy it.... what if he's stopped taking said 'something' when I send in book two...... it's what nightmares are made of, let me tell you.

And does it help to know others are suffering like me.... well, yes sort of.

Oh, you want tips.... um.... blogging; get some good CPs who kick your butt and tell you to get your finger out and stop being so melodramtic; chocolate gingers (I've just eaten a bag and feel sick), diet coke (to wash down chocolate gingers); blogging; blogging..

Allison Winn Scotch said...

Sara-I'm glad to know that I'm not alone. And Alyssa - I'm jealous! :)

Anonymous said...

Procrastination, thy new name is blogging! *VBG*

I confess to be currently in the process of constructing my blog. The vision of its appearance is vivid in my mind, yet customizing the template is FRUSTRATING!!! So I can't use blogging as an excuse for not writing, at least not yet. Instead, I'm not writting because I'm building my blog! Sure... ;o)