Thursday, April 26, 2007

Diving Back In

How do you get going again when you've have been away from a project too long?

The first - and only - way that I can dive back in after taking time away is to reread the entire WIP. Undoubtedly, I'd forgotten details or plot points (!!!), and if I don't reread, the next sections come across as very disjointed.

But just as importantly, rereading also really helps amp up my motivation. Just knowing that I've already started spinning this fictional world gets my juices flowing to keep going.

And when all else fails - as in, I've taken time off and really, really can't seem to find the motivation to dive back in, I schedule time in which I have to write. I force myself to sit in front of the computer for an hour and see what happens. It might be 300 words, it might be 1300. But by mandating that time, I'm at least getting started. And from there, within a week or so, I'm usually psyched to keep writing.

So readers, what works for you when you've taken too much time away?


MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

What perfect timing for this topic Allison! I've just started back into my WIP after a looonnnnggg time away from it. Totally agree with the need to reread! And I am now motivated to keep going. In fact, I've got about 90 pages, and 40 of them are edited and polished--well, as polished as they can be for a first draft!!!

bookbabie said...

Rereading does help but I'm still kinda stuck right now on my book. I know where I want things to end up but there's this void about getting there that seems to get deeper the longer I'm away:-(

Lisa Romeo said...

I've always found that having a bag of dark chocolate Kisses and a mug of French Vanilla coffee nearby help. Also, rereading, but I do it backwards, start at the end and skim back to the beginning. I'm strange that way.