Friday, September 22, 2006

Words Fail Me

And it take a lot for that to happen. But I'm so elated/emotionally-gutted at the double-return of The Office and Grey's, I'm speechless. Yes, dear readers, this is what rocks my world: the return of fall TV. I don't want to post anything too spoiler-y for those of you who are Tivo-ing, so I'll just say this. Yummy, teary McDreamy! And please, more JAM!!

Alas, since I'm out of words, I'm turning the blog over to you folks today. Here's a question to which I have no answer...other than MediaBistro, which seems so obvious that it's embarrassing because it just demonstrates that I have no answer.

Question: Can you recommend any job boards?

If you guys can kindly help out the reader who is looking for a few good online resources, I'm sure that she would appreciate it!


xxxx said...

OMG. I've watched the Derek-Meredith scene (both the flashback and the later one, actually) only, like, a thousand times. Just ... OMG. I've watched it so many times I haven't gotten to Jim and Pam yet, but there's still time tonight!

I'm seriously still processing. Oh, I love, love, love having my TV shows back!

OK, on topic: job boards. for magazine stuff and for newspaper.

xxxx said...

Oh, and Addison?!?!? Who knew she had it in her.

Sara Hantz said...

Is this the US Office or the UK Office? My favourite programme.

You're so lucky getting Greys already. We've only just finished the end of the last series.

We've also only just had the first series of Extras!!!!

Allison Winn Scotch said...

Sara - US Office! We're in our third season.

Swish - LOVED Addison this episode. Everything about her was pitch perfect. Folks on TWoP were mixed on The Office, but I thought it was hilarious. I do wish that we'd gotten more Krasinski, but alas, I guess that's what future episodes are for.

Anonymous said...

Deb Ng does all the work for you:

Amie Stuart said...

I don't watch either *ducking*

Publisher Marketplace also posts jobs =)

Larramie said...

Just read the that the McDreamy Team scored a knockout over CSI in last night's ratings! And talk about "feeling it", the episode was truly brilliant -- particularly Izzie's "situation."

Did anyone else stay with ABC for "6 degrees?" I did and found it intriguing enough to return next week.

OTOH, "The Office" baffles me. I enjoy dry, subtle humor but thought last night was sad rather than funny. As a result "Ugly Betty" will receive my live attention next week, while Steve & Co. will be designated to the DVR.

Gosh, what incredible entertainment! Why can't it be Thursday every night of the week?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Allison;)

Anonymous said...

In Canada they screwed up and instead of showing the premier of Grey's they showed show #2. Oh the scandal!

Allison Winn Scotch said...

I'm so thrilled, I just got my husband to watch The Office, and he died laughing. I have a convert on my hands!

Larr-I'll be tivoing Ugly Betty, so we can definitely discuss it next week!

Eileen-I heard about that screw-up. What idiots!