Thursday, September 21, 2006

12 Hours and Counting...

Until my two favorite shows kick off the season! I cannot WAIT for some JAM-ily goodness, not to mention a dose of McDreamy medicine, but in the meantime, I'll settle for these. If you haven't seen them (um, not that I've watched either more than once...or twice), and you're a fan of either The Office or of Grey's Anatomy, I suggest you check 'em out!

The Office: Jim and Pam Forevah!

Grey's: The Fray video

Enjoy! (And for writing stuff, keep reading below....)

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Larramie said...

If you're already aware of this site -- and it's subsequent links -- please forgive. I only found it this summer and well, without further ado: Grey Matters.

Hope everyone enjoys the writers' insight and quips as much as I do. T-5 hours and counting!