Friday, May 01, 2009

Fun Friday Features

So one of my favorite aspects of my job is getting to interview actors whose work I admire. To that end, I was so, so excited to do the below two interviews: I'd been a huge fan of Jennifer Garner since her Alias days (it's my second all-time favorite show after Felicity!), and I've already raved here about my obsession with Friday Night Lights, so interviewing the star, Taylor Kitsch, was no small thrill.

So I just wanted to post the pieces because, yeah, I'm psyched! :)

They're also good segues into some of next week's posts in which I'll talk about celebrity interviews. If you have any questions about that realm, post them below or email me. Happy weekend!

Jennifer Garner: Come On, Get Happy
Taylor Kitsch: Big Man On Campus


Trish Ryan said...

Nice work! I'm a fan of both, so this was cool reading.

Here's to many more seasons of Taylor on FDL :)

jen said...

Dear Paul Rudd,

If you were a chick, you'd be Jennifer Garner.



Allison Winn Scotch said...

Thanks, guys!

Jen, as always, you remain brilliant.

Kristan said...

Loved the Jen Garner one! I too am a recovering Alias-aholic. And she was so cute in the interview too, especially about the baseball, hehe.

Julie(t) (Coberly) Farmer said...

i'm with ya--felicity is my #1 fav of all time, followed closely by alias (and buffy!).

Eileen said...

I adore Jen Garner. IN the book I'm writing now she's my mental picture for one of the characters.

Anonymous said...

Good job. Was this a phone interview or a sit down face-to-face interview? I was wondering about her facial expression, body language when she said certain things and what she was wearing etc.--Pattie

sarah pekkanen said...

I have a cougar crush on Taylor Kitsch... thanks for posting!