Thursday, March 12, 2009

Booking Book Clubs

So today I'm over on Writer Unboxed talking about my experience interacting with book clubs - the good, the bad, the very occasionally ugly.

Check it out here.


Maya / מיה said...

haha... with that teaser, I had to check out the link!

I'm floored by how self-centered people can be in giving "feedback"-- I, too, don't think I would be so honest. And I kind of want people to be honest with me in their feedback, but, um, I'd kind of want to protect my own ego too. These situations sound very awkward!! Great fuel for something in one of your books, I'm sure. :)

Btw, I haven't read your books yet because I haven't seen them yet in Israel. Do you have any idea whether they might be exported? I don't mean translation into Hebrew, although that would be cool :). We do tend to get a decent selection of English novels in our bookstores. They're mostly paperback, though, so maybe I'll have to either wait until TOML comes out in paperback or I can get someone to bring me your books when they come visit! :)

Anonymous said...

Well how could I resist such an invitation!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey Allison,

I loved your post at Writer Unboxed. I"m not sure how I would handle it if a book club invited me in, then members proceeded to tell me all the things they didn't like about my book. On one level I'd probably find it hysterically funny, but on another, a little hurtful. Of course no author expects everyone to love their stuff, but as you said, what exactly are you supposed to do about the criticism? Sounds like you handled it really, really well. I'm glad the ugly falls into the "very occasional" category. But it's still kind of scary it's out there!

Anonymous said...

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