Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Elizabeth Gilbert on Fear, Aspirations, Genius of Writers

My favorite pal and writer, Laura Dave, just sent me this wonderful clip of Elizabeth Gilbert giving a talk. I can't figure out how to embed it, so here's the link...definitely worth checking out!


Debra Lynn Shelton said...

Allison, I just watched the whole talk (and btw, the link worked perfectly!) and am completely inspired. As a songwriter and a novelist, Elizabeth couldn't be more right on. As an artist all I have to do is show up and allow the magic to happen. What I don't have to do is worry if it will or not. Some days it does, some days it doesn't; my part is to write and not worry about if it's the magic's day to show up. The more I show up, the more opportunities there are for magic to appear.

Lisa Bakewell said...

Thanks for the great post, Allison. What an inspirational speaker!

Anonymous said...

I'm watching right now, thanks for the link:)