Tuesday, September 02, 2008

OMG, It's Crunch Time

So I got back from vacation last night - we actually came back early because we were so ready to return to real life - and I woke up early this AM with that panicky feeling that comes when you have soooooo much on your plate that you don't even know where to begin. Yikes. Can anyone relate? Nah - I'm sure that none of you out there feel so busy that you actually feel your pulse speed up when you think of everything you have to get done!

But here's the reality I recognized this AM: my book is coming out in a month! Holy freakin' crap. Which means that I have to start answering a variety of Q/As for blogs, put together a reading group guide for my publisher, stay on top of the PR/marketing stuff that's happening, check in with the movie folks who said they might have some news soon, etc, etc, etc. On top of that, my fabu hubby is throwing me a book party after my NYC reading (NYC-ers, let me know if you're around on Oct 15th, and I'll send you details!), so I'm trying to coordinate that too.

Oh, and there's all of my freelancing stuff to attend to: I love doing all of my celebrity stuff, which is primarily what I focus on these days, but now I have a slew of interviews to conduct and draft within the next two weeks.

Oh, and did I mention that we're moving out of our house in two weeks? Um, yep. For four-six months to endure construction. (Don't get me started on this one. Let's just say that I love my husband very, very, very much to put up with this!)

So...back to the point of this post. We're always discussion how we all juggle our myriad hats as freelancers, and today, here's what I did: I woke up, and started doing things immediately. While my kids' waffles cooked, I followed up on some celeb stuff and some book PR stuff on my laptop in the kitchen. Once they were settled in with my sitter, I came up to my office and fired off emails about some book club guide questions. Then I dealt with a few party-related emails. Then I posted this blog. Next, I'll take a quick walk to clear my mind (and go grocery shopping!), then I'll head right back here to keep plugging away.

For me, the only way that this stuff gets done is to do it. Now. So I am.

Anyone else wake up today - the first day after a lazy summer - and feel like everything was snowballing?


Anonymous said...

I'm a different kind of busy - no freelance assignments these days, but grad school starts today and already I've got books to read, fiction to analyze, short stories and essays to craft. Overwhelming, but so exciting. I'm with you on the Just Do It way of tackling that overwhelm, though. In fact, just after I finish my oatmeal I'm diving into Faulkner. It begins.

I'd love details about your October reading, so please add me to the list. My email is deonne [at] deonnekahler [dot] com. Thanks, and congratulations!

Robin Shreeves said...

Absolutely - couldn't sleep last night because of it. My youngest child starts full time school tomorrow and I begin to full time freelance instead of working 10-12 hours a week doing it. I've got to really enter the working force again after being given a pass on the financial responsibilities of our household for the past 9 years (love those fabulous husbands who support our goals - my goal was to be at home with my children until they went to school full time and he figured out how to make it happen!).

I've got to get organized!

Anonymous said...

My kids started school a week and a half ago - and that's when I went into routine-mode. Too much to do and not enough time. I'm an only parent to my kids so there is no back up - no help - no time off - no time to regroup or recoup. Just typing it makes me sweat.

I guess my escape is...reading blogs!

Maddy said...

Very much so. Maybe you could do as I do, make the pancakes on the griddle with the laptop next to the stove - saves a heap of time but the laptop does get a bit spattered.

Trish Ryan said...

My pulse started to race just reading your post...I SO know that feeling. As much as it pains me to admit it, though, these are usually my times of optimal productivity--sometimes all you can do is just wake up and dive in.

Two pieces of survival advice: take thirty seconds every night to notice how much you got done, and remember that these seasons don't last forever!

Alison Ashley Formento said...

Absolutely! I couldn't sleep last night thinking of everything I need to do—this week in particular. The rush of getting things accomplished, especially pending magazine deadlines and the mass of school/parent paperwork, will keep me moving forward, though I admit, I'd love another week of summer with my kids.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I also had a killer week last week and I agree that diving in and just swimming through it like mad was the only way to get through it all. This weekend, to re-balance, I'm taking a breather from too much computer time and getting out by myself for a couple hours.

I also have a book coming out soon. Just after yours, it sounds like. Book launches are incredibly time and energy consuming, so I have to pace myself. But now that my daughter is in first grade, I feel like I've crossed some kind of finish line.

Six+ hours a day? Just to work uninterrupted? I could kiss whoever invented school.

Good luck with your book launch!

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, yes. There was just a mini-earthquake here a few minutes ago (literally . . . I'm in Northern California) and I thought it was just my head throbbing extra loudly at first.