Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Any LA or SF-ers here?

I'm debating setting up LA or San Fran readings/signings for October, but I'm on the fence about the size of the crowd I'd bring in and whether or not the travel/headache/leaving the kids with my husband and hoping they surive/etc would be worth it. As I've mentioned in the past, book tours aren't as big a deal anymore, nor are publishers anxious to send you halfway across the world (or in my case, 3000 miles) if you're not going to generate good turn-outs. And I'm certainly not interested in jetting to Cali to do a reading for 7 people. Er. Yeah. No.

So I was curious to see if there are any/many LA or SF readers here who might pop in for a signing. Feel free to post below or email me off-board.



Suzanne said...

I'm in South Florida and will be in Colorado in September. Sorry I will miss the book signing!

Interesting that book tours aren't as popular anymore, although it does make sense...I buy all my books online and it's probably been months since I was last in a bookstore.

Gail said...

I'm reading at Keplers in Menlo Park on September 30th and may stick around a day or two...

Debbie said...

Please come to the SF bay area! Keplers would be ideal, but I'd drive into SF to see you too.
Debbie Kaplan