Monday, June 30, 2008

Summer at Ask Allison - Ask Questions!

So, because I'm a little tired of all of my navel-gazing and because I can only think of so many subjects on which to write, I'm turning over the blog to you, dear readers.

Starting this week, we're returning to the Q/A format of the blog for the summer months. I'd love to hear what YOU GUYS want to talk about, what YOU GUYS want thoughts on, rather than just blabbing on and on about whatever is on my mind.

Send any questions you might have on any aspect of the biz to me, and I'll answer them and get them up on the blog. If no one asks, I'll just chill out and won't post. :) But I know, given the amount of questions I got the first year of this blog, that there are a lot of inquisitive minds out there who are just looking for answers, so send your thoughts - or even just discussion topics if you don't have a specific question - my way, and we'll get this party started.

I will, of course, occasionally pepper the blog with updates on Time of My Life, and good stuff like that...

So - send away:! I'll try to get them on the blog in a timely manner.


Cathy Bueti said...

Hi Allison!

I had emailed a question to you a few weeks ago regarding agent/writer relationships.

Let me know if you got it or I can resend it to you.


Oh, and congrats on all of your recent exciting success! :)

Allison Winn Scotch said...

Oh jeez, thanks, Cathy! I just sorted through my files and found it. Thanks for the reminder - it would have been lost in cyberspace forever without it!

Anonymous said...

Here is a question I've been wanting to ask you... My agent recently sent my book proposal to publishers - that was about 3 weeks ago. I am going crazy waiting. Is this a normal time delay or should I ask her to check up on it and send to more publishers?

Cathy Bueti said...

Glad you found it!


Anonymous said...

Long time reader, first comment.

This is great that you're bringing the Q&A back! Hope you received my email on Mentorship for Writers and that it hasn't been lost in cyberspace *crosses fingers*
-K.S. Yu

Allison Winn Scotch said...

Geez, I've been so bad about filing these! Apologies. K.S - yup, I found it, and I'll post it soon!