Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Let's Do Lunch

So I'm admitting up front that this is a mindless, silly little post, but come on, join in and help me out.

Here's the deal: I'm stuck in a lunch rut. Come midday, I almost dread the thought of getting lunch because I'm so bored with my options. I usually take a break from work and either go to the gym or run errands before lunch and then grab something from one of the gourmet markets near me - usually a salad, though lately, I've added soup into the mix. And since I've lived in the same area for six years, I've pretty much eaten the same rotation for six years: salad with grilled chicken, salad with tuna, salad with feta and cucumbers. You get the idea. For a while, I was really into the salads at Cosi, a sandwich chain around here, but they redesigned their to-go area, and now, not only does it take about 20 minutes to get my salad, 80% of the time, it's wrong. Oh, and last week, I was halfway through it when I found a dead fly in the lettuce. Nice. I wish I enjoyed sandwiches more...I just don't though, probably because I can eat them in less than five minutes, and then it feels like I've barely had a lunch break!

I don't know why I never make lunch at home - probably because I can't muster the energy. Dealing with making dinner is effort enough. But you know, my taste buds are listless, and I'm willing to give it a whirl if that's what's necessary to shake things up.

So tell me, what are your favorite lunch foods or where do you grab lunch every day? Inspire me to eat something different tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Microwave a big russet potato. Top with cottage cheese, broccoli, cheddar; or chili and cheese; or sometimes Bush's vegetarian baked beans (sounds weird, but good--and kids like it too).

Bean burritos are good.

I freeze whole wheat-apple muffins and have them with Imagine soup (butternut squash etc. types).

Veggie burgers (Yves fake chicken ones are pretty good).

Nobody but me likes this, but I used to *love* it: nuke frozen chopped spinach with a bunch of cheddar, then stuff in a fresh whole wheat pita.

Anonymous said...

You live somewhere you can rotate places to take-out lunch for six years? Lucky duck! I have few options for take-out in my area...except for Subway and Panera and the awful drive-thrus.

I'm big on sugar snap peas and hummus. It's a lunch, it's a snack, it's great to eat in front of the tv on a lunch break. Oops, did I say that?

Gina Black said...

I like to make big pots of things that I freeze in lunch size portions. I have a lentil-pilaf I love and also vegan chili. Sometimes I'll make a rich soup. I'm also fond of yogurt and toppings (fruit, homemade jams). I'm not much into sandwiches.

I pack this up and take it to work, but it's the same principal.

Gina Black said...

Oy. It's the same principle. (I always notice these things right after I click 'post'.)

Jess Riley said...

I'm an "apple and a bean burrito from Amy's" kinda gal. But leftovers work, and if I'm home, an old-fashioned sandwich. Grilled cheese if it's cold out.

I could talk food all day...

Jen A. Miller said...

An easy at-home lunch I make is: take a whole wheat pita, spread the top with hummus, then put chopped cucumbers with a little garlic salt on top. Put in toaster oven for, oh, 5-10 minutes. Done. I usually add a side salad and some protein through soy crisps or milk. Easy to make, cheap as heck, espeically now when I can get cucumbers for so little at the farmer's market.

Patti said...

i love me a lunch smoothy:

1 cup milk, 1 tbsp sugar, frozen fruit.

throw the milk and sugar in the blender, add as much frozen fruit to make the thickness of the smoothy that you desire (i use blueberries, strawberries, peaches...anything really) and blend.

not only packed with antioxidants, but mighty tastey and filling.

Larramie said...

Love this because now we know what food fuels some writers' imaginations. As for my lunch: Turkey and cheese sandwich, green salad or pasta salad and fresh fruit.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I'm addicted to my Stonyfield yogurts. Vanilla Truffle and caramel underground.

Since I'm usually home, I go from there and scrounge leftovers and whatever else inspires me.

Wendy's chili never gets old for some reason. Maybe it's the thrill of finding (or not finding) a severed finger inside.

Cindy said...

Omelet with spinach and feta cheese and chopped tomatoes. Served with whole wheat toast.

Large green salad with homemade dressing- apple cider vinegar, honey and olive oil.

Turkey sandwich with hummus instead of mayo.

a handful of cookies or Pringles when Im in a rush. ha ha


MDiskin said...

this is hilarious b/c i am a pregnant eating machine at the moment, and I'm also writing a series of web copy for a UK soft drink called Appletiser. The theme? "Lunch is Good." And so I've had to come up with lots of ideas for the lunch ideas tree (go to appletiser.co.uk if you want to read all of them).

One of my ideas was to layer some cured meats, diced mozzarella, marinated veggies and a little lettuce -- sort of a panini minus the bread, or an antipasto-platter inspired salad.

But I'm a southern girl so my recent fave is a chicken salad made with boneless chicken breasts (chopped/shredded), halved grapes, diced celery, toasted almond slivers, and a binder of mayo and slaw dressing mixed together. Good in pitas, good hot or cold, and easily scalable for a large party. ...Except that at this point I *am* the large party.