Friday, June 15, 2007

The End of an Era

Wow, so today is Bob Barker's last day on The Price is Right. So sad, but yeah, looking at him, it does seem like it's time to ride off (in a new car!) into the sunset. The man has been on TV for FIFTY YEARS! Can you imagine?

For any of you who read the book, you know what a big Price is Right fan I am, so I thought it was only fitting that we spend today sharing our favorite Price is Right moments and games.

My fave? Undoubtedly, Plinko. They only rolled it out, like, once a month, but when I was a kid, I waited with breathless anticipation for that wonderful day! And yes, it's true, when I was younger, I thought I would spend my 18th birthday on the show: that's how old you have to be to go on it, so, at 12 or 13 or whenever I was at the height of my PIR obsession, that was the fantasy.

So...what was your favorite game? Did you ever dream of going on the show, like I did?


Dawn Papandrea said...

Allison, you're too funny. That was definitely the part of your book that made me laugh out loud. And, you made me cry, too -- hallmarks of a great read! :-)

So onto my personal Price is Right fave -- without a doubt, it's Cliff Hangers, with the little yodeling guy climbing up the mountain. Love that one!

Katie Alender said...

Price Is Right was my favorite thing to watch when I was sick as a kid. It was the highlight of a home-sick day. It's a little scary that the only game I remember on my own is the one where you have to guess the prices of things down to the penny... which actually seems really difficult now that I think about it.

Anonymous said...

The wife of a friend of a friend of mine was on a few years ago and won a dining room set. I never saw that episode, though.

In fact, I hadn't seen it for years and years until my Mom went into a nursing home two weeks ago. Just about every weekday, the residents watch Price is Right. I'm usually there when it's on and I couldn't get over how much hadn't changed - the set is the same, the games are more or less the same. It's easy to get hooked.

Then today, they didn't watch it! Of all days! I was bummed! :)

Harmony said...

My favorite was during a cliffhanger game - the one where the yodeller climbs the mountain and goes off the cliff if the contestant doesn't guess the right price...

One guy guessed a huge amount for a kid's ukulele - Bob was hilarious.

He rolled his eyes after he couldn't persuade the guy to change his mind. "Well let's get this over with, we know where the little guy is going."

Trish Ryan said...

I had forgotten all about "The Price Is Right" until I read your book. What a trip down memory lane! I used to sit on the edge of the couch when I was a little girl, as if my name might actually be called to COME ON DOWN!

Patti said...

bob won the emmy tonight and ellen told him to "come on down" know we'd all have said the same.

Anonymous said...

I watched the show on and off throughout my childhood and teenage years. When I was in 6th grade, I was hooked and watched it every day. I remember that back then, the new cars that they gave away were worth around $3,000. During the guessing games the price of the car always started with a "3". But, if it was a Cadillac, the price of the car always started with a "6" and that was just sooooooooooo much money to pay for a car back then! This was in 1974.

I love that he always reminds people to spay and neuter their pets at the end of each game. Anyone who is an animal lover like that wins my heart.