Friday, May 18, 2007

The Signing!

Whoops, sorry about yesterday guys. I know that I said I'd fill you in on the signing, but, well, life is so crazed right now for a variety of reasons, and the blog is sometimes the first thing to go. I know that you understand!

Anyhoo, the signing was a total blast. For reasons unknown to me, I was completely freaking out about it. My stomach was going bananas, I couldn't concentrate on other work, I was just a total mess! Which is just so weird because I used to do a lot of theater and performing, and I have no issues getting up in front of a crowd and making a general ass of myself, but ugh, I was out of my brain on this!

So after losing my mind for most of the day, I arrived at Borders and saw my mom snapping pics. :) How cute! So she shot one of me at the entrance:

Then my agent and publicist arrived and cased the store, handing out flyers, urging people to come hear me speak. Hee. Poor victims who just wanted to shop and not be bothered.

At 7:10, I was introduced to the crowd (most of whom I knew! LOL), and I read three passages.

For the curious minds who asked what I read, here's what I chose and why: 1) the opening diary entry. Sort of for obvious reasons - it sets up the entire story and helps explain the other two passages that I was going to read. 2) The beginning of chapter 2, in which she composes an email to Ned. (Pg. 13-pg. 16.) I felt like this section demonstrated that despite the fact that the book tackles a serious subject, there's a lot of levity to it as well. 3) Her first appointment with Dr. Chin. (Part way down pg. 23-most of the end of pg. 25.) I also wanted to choose a section that counterbalanced #2, a section that showed that indeed, there is depth to the book and that readers might (hopefully) find themselves on an emotional roller-coaster.

From there, we did a fun Q/A, and toward the very end, my son rushed down the aisle and demanded that I pick him up. Then proceeded to stare out to the crowd with awe. I think we found someone who loves the spotlight. :)

He remained on my lap while I signed books, as you can see here. Talk about a juggling mom!

And well, that was that...I signed, people eventually drifted out, and my husband and I headed home to eat some cold pizza. Ah....the glamorous life!