Tuesday, March 13, 2007

How to Find a Good Editor

I’m ready to send queries to agents for my first novel. The novel is as tight as I can make it but I need someone v. cheap to correct the grammar, punctuation etc… (English isn’t my first language.) Would you have suggestions on how to go about this?

The only way to find a reputable editor is to ask around. Which is why I'm posting this for you! :)

If folks out there have worked with a good editor, please let this reader know.

That said, while I'm certainly not advocating that you send in your ms with errors, I do think that agents will give you the benefit of the doubt if they find an errant comma or misspelling. Just so you don't have a total heart attack if you find a period out of place after sending it in. Hell, even after my ms was bought and read (and corrected) by dozens of people, we still found errors in the galley. So yes, get it as tight as you possibly can, but most importantly, get the writing as tight as you possibly can. That's really what an agent will look for.

Know a good editor? Pass it along here.


Anonymous said...

I like to think I'm a good editor, haha. And many say, very cheap. Email me at j.mousseau @ hotmail.com if you're interested! Mention you're from here -- I'll give you 10% off.

bookbabie said...

I found friends and family that were readers (and often asked me questions about what I'm writing, i.e. they are interested and willing)can be very helpful with editing (plus they're cheap!). The more eyes that look things over the better.