Monday, January 01, 2007

Links to Learn From

Happy New Year! I hope you had a safe, wonderful celebration...and that your hangover ain't too brutal today. :) We made it out of the house (whoo!), but sadly, we were sacked out with hearty doses Nyquil by 11:00. (Damn those germs our son tracks in.) But hey, we made an effort.

Anyhoo, I just wanted to put up a quick post with two really informative links. In the first, Jen A. Miller, a fellow freelancer, discusses how to work with freelance writers to generate press and reviews for your book.

Here's her article for Poets and Writers.

Also, do check out Michael A. Stelzner's Writing White Pages. He recently named the top ten blogs for writers (I was one of them!! Thank you everyone who nominated me - what an honor!!), and as an addendum to that list, he asked each blogger to send him his or her favorite entry from the past year.

Here are the best posts from 2006. Some GREAT stuff in there, so do check it out.

Back later this week to answer more questions! Happy 2007!


Trish Ryan said...

Thanks for the great links - Jen Miller's article was especially helpful, as this is an area I know nothing about. It's less daunting to approach an agent/editor/freelancer if you have some idea of how they work!

Happy New Year :)

Alison Ashley Formento said...

I agree with Trish. Fantastic links to start the New Year! Though I must resolve to enjoy these great blog sites only after accomplishing my writing goals each day. So tempting to surf.