Monday, October 02, 2006

A Day of Reflection

I'm not a particularly religious person, but I am taking today, Yom Kippur, to reflect on my past year and how I could perhaps strive for a bit more kindness in my life. Given the state of our world, we could all probably stand to do the same, however you choose to worship or whatever your religion. My husband spends the day (or at least the morning!) in synagogue, but I like to be alone with my thoughts, take a long walk and just sort of meditate.

So that's what I'll be doing.

While I know that I'll need some time to mull over my list, here are a few things that I could improve on:

*Be nicer to my husband. We love each other dearly but do tend to fall into the trap of taking each other for granted.
*Be nicer to my parents. Ditto.

A short list, but an important one. And hey, I'm still thinking...

Back tomorrow with more writing insights!

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Anonymous said...

That's ALL you gotta do?!!? Man!