Monday, September 04, 2006

Writing Challenge: Post Your Progress

Yep, I'm still on vacay, but I've logged on for the first time in five days - a record in our household! - to touch base with you guys on your progress.

Here's mine: I polished my WIP and sent it into my agent with 1000 caveats about how it might suck and how I'm happy to abandon it if she deems it suck-worthy. We had a long convo about how tough the second book is, especially when the first book has been deemed "special," (her word, not mine) by so many people. Hearing her say these things definitely made me feel a bit better, because that's the exact pressure I've been feeling while writing...which hasn't allowed me to enjoy the process so much. I read Happiness Sold Separately this weekend, Lolly Winston's second book, and I suspect she felt much of the same. (I say this because I think I read that she struggled with motivation on #2 as well.) Oh well, at least I'm in good company!

So...I met my goal. How did you do?

I'll be back in a day or so with more questions and answers. Until then, enjoy your Labor Day and any extra vacation time that you can squeeze in! I know that I will.


Anonymous said...

Did you like Happiness Sold Separately as much as Good Grief?

Anonymous said...


My goal was to send out 5 really good queries, and I worked on a bunch of different ideas but was only able to really develop one good one fully. Although I wanted to send in 5 queries, I only had one good one on my hands. And I didn't want to send in crap.

So that's one more than I sent in last week. Right now, I am studying all the magazines in depth so that I can find a home for my ideas before I pour lots of energy into them and THEN realize the magazines I am aiming for do not have a place for them.

So, between trying to break into some of the bigger magazines and handling an 8-week-old and wanting to pull my hair out in the process, I am going to push forward with a (forced) smile. :)

Sara Hantz said...

I've been a bit slack with my 3 pages a day - did manage it a few times. But I have completed the first draft of an article i'm writing for the RWNZ mag on writing YA.

Enjoy your hols!

Trish Ryan said...

I finished a first draft of the chapter I've been putting off, so that was a HUGE weight off my shoulders. I celebrated by abandoning my computer for the rest of the weekend and reading other people's books :)

Amie Stuart said...

I finished my book proposal and sent it off to my agent--whoooooooohooooooo Not sure about actual page counts etc but I'm so happy to have that off my desk!