Thursday, September 28, 2006

Must See TV?

Taking a break from the writing world to talk about my other favorite thing...TV! Hee! How sad is it that a voracious reader such as moi would be such a TV addict? What does it say about the state of our world? Hmmm, let's not ponder that too much, especially since I know that plenty o' readers of this blog love the boob-tube as much as I do. So in that spirit, I thought I'd 'fess up about my new fall tv habits: which shows I'm watching, which I'm loving, which I'm totally not feeling. The new tv season always starts out like this - with my Tivo on overdrive, and then I gradually whittle down my options until I settle into the shows I'm obsessed with (which will promptly be canceled by idiot studio execs). Feel free to chime in and let me know what you're loving (or not), and if I'm missing anything good!

Oh, and fear not: I'm not the ultimate couch potato. I tivo nearly all of these, then watch them when I'm working out, folding laundry or doing some other brain-draining task.

Though, this actual conversation did occur tonight in my household.

Me: "Let's watch some of The Office DVD episodes. I'm caught up on all of my shows from the DVR."

My husband: "Wow, that's like saying that you've read every book in Western literature."

That hubby! Such a jokester.

So here we go:

Monday: (aka, my new second-favorite night of TV)
Prison Break: Love it, love it, love it, even if it is totally preposterous and inane. Watch it with the hubby, which makes it more enjoyable. (Though the last two epis have actually sucked.)
Heroes: Tivoed the premiere but will now be watching live. One word: AMAZING.
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip: Tivo - never watched West Wing, but did catch the premiere and thought it was pretty sharp. Matt Perry is a sure bet for an Emmy nod: you heard it here first.

Veronica Mars: Tivo and sometimes watch live. Feel compelled to love the show, but I'm not sure if I really do.
House: Don't really watch it, but my husband loves it, so will tune in if I'm totally, totally bored.
**Friday Night Lights: It's gotten good reviews, so I'm intrigued, but don't know if I can tackle another show.

Lost: Live. (Duh!)
The Nine: Cannot WAIT for this show. I've adored Scott Wolf ever since he was Bailey.
(And I'm happy to report that I've finally kicked my America's Next Top Model habit!)
Project Runway: Tivo. At least for the next few weeks until the winner is crowned.

The Office: Live: if you've followed this blog at all, you'll know that I'm obsessed. OBSESSED. Also now watch with the hubby.
Ugly Betty: Tivo: This has gotten rave reviews, and I love the fact that it's set at a magazine.
Grey's: Live (Duh again!). Mmmmm, McDreamy. That's all I need to say.

I got nothin'. I debated taking on Men in Trees, but I just don't have the space for it in my schedule. Instead, I usually catch up on something that I've taped.


The Amazing Race: Live. Love it! Want to be on it! Could never deal with the sleep impairment and would promptly be declared a whiny bitch!
Desperate Housewives: Tivo. Totally lost interest last year, but might muster the energy to give it a second try.
Without a Trace: Tivo. Started watching after I interviewed Hank Steinberg a few years back. Totally nice, normal guy. Also watch this one w/the hubby, so we usually fire it up on a Friday or Saturday when we don't have a sitter. /lame/

So that's my


Jocelyn said...

You HAVE to watch America's Next Top Model! Don't give up on it, this season already looks like it is going to be a wild one! There is one very bad girl who is starting trouble with EVERYONE!

--I just reread my comment and it sounds like I work for the show. I don't, I just love it!

Sara Hantz said...

I love that I'm not the only TV addict round here. My must sees:
Idol (NZ, US, Aus - which ever one is on)
Amazing Race
Desperate Housewives
Bad Girls (UK drama)
Dragons Den
Rove Live
Americas Next Top Model
Hotel Babylon
Cold Case
Life Begins...

That's all off the top of my head... there's bound to be more

xxxx said...

I'm going to check out The Nine, too. Love Project Runway and Amazing Race ... and OF COURSE Grey's and The Office! Ugly Betty looks like it'll be good, too. Veronica Mars is one of those critical darlings, but I've never felt like I wanted to watch it.

24, too, in January!

I got a copy of the Friday Night Lights pilot and it is good. It started off a little bit on the slow side for me, but it picked up toward the end.

Amie Stuart said...

I cannot WAIT for UGLY BETTY!!!!!!

We have football on Tuesday nights so no Friday Night Lights for me LOL
Tuesday is SVU and NIP/TUCK night =)

I actually thought the last two episodes of Prison Break were pretty good. I'm also watching the show after PB--name escapes me.

I missed Heros--I'm hoping they'll replay it on Saturday like they did SMith and Jerricho last Saturday.

Waiting for Lost and The Nine but not sure how much I'll actually get to watch. Right now it's Kidnapped and oh crap that other new lawyer show with the guy from Alias!

I've also kicked Criminal Intent to the curb for The Unit. And now that I've got a DVR I can tape NCIS!

I've heard Men in Trees is really good but I'm skipping it.

I lost interest in LAO on Fridays when they changed the lead characters. I figure I can catch it in reruns.

Yes i went to the cable co yesterday and got a DVR so I can record some and hopefully write more in the evenings! *sigH* how sad!

Anonymous said...

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Larramie said...

First of all, I come bearing "gifts" as in links to today's NYT articles:

This reviews Ugly Betty:

And about Shondra Rhimes, creator of Grey's Anatomy:

Sorry but these links are long, so you'll have to "copy and paste."

Larramie said...

IMO, watching a quality TV show is comparable to reading a good novel. Both entertain, offer relaxing escape and provide insight into subjects/topics that you might otherwise never know. And I have a problem with those who claim not to watch TV at all because "there's nothing worthwhile on." Hmm, how can a judgement be made IF they don't watch???

That's why my VCR and now DVR has allowed the sampling of many different shows. Sure, some will fall by the wayside -- two already have -- but you never know until you try. ;o)

Monday: Aime, it's Vanished that follows PB and it's not bad; although the show is filling the time slot void until 24 begins ticking again. Tried the pilot of Studio 60... and the dark sets/lack of humor made me doze off.

Tuesday: Gilmore Girls used to be good and a shared TV experience with my niece. It's the last season, we're both loyal but now it's DVR time.
House: 70% of the time the show works and I love it, the 30% when it fails...I'm wondering, "Huh???"

Wednesday: Lost, of course, and there is great anticpation for The Nine.

Thursday: Ugly Betty, please live up to the hype. The Office, Grey's Anatomy, and 6 degrees was intriguing in its first week.

Friday: Men in Trees has potential.

Saturday: Nothing.

Sunday: The Amazing Race (aka the intelligent reality show): Love it! Desperate Housewives: I half-watch and half-read through it. Brothers and Sisters, oh brother, talk about dismal. Hee.

Amie Stuart said...


DOh! thanks Laramie! I hate when that happens!

Sara Hantz said...

Gilmore Girls and House - forgot all about them. Yes, to both.

Alyssa Goodnight said...

I watch Numbers Friday. No one else? Thanks for the heads up on the The Nine. And this is the second recommendation I've gotten for Heroes. Will have to check it out.