Monday, August 28, 2006

Conan O'Brien is a Genius (But The Emmys SUCK)

As promised, we're taking a break from the writing world to dish on the Emmys. I know, I know, I swore back in the very first post of this blog that I'd probably boycott due to the total and complete crap nominations, but what can I say? I'm a sucker.

This doesn't mean, however, that you don't have to post your progress from last week's challenge.'d you do? Did you meet your goal? I'm happy to say that I did. The first half of my WIP is nearly wrapped, and will be in my agent's hands before the long weekend. This week, I'm just polishing and fixing a few continuity issues before we leave for a vacation (which may be ruined by that damn hurricane, but that's another rant altogether). So what's your goal for the week? (Note to newbies: come join the challenge. Every week, we post our goal for the following week: whether that's adding a certain amount of words or pages a day or just getting out more queries.)

Okay, Emmy thoughts. I was totally underwhelmed with the red carpet. No one blew me away. Here were some random musings:

The I Have to Get Her Make-Up Artist Award: Heidi Klum. Wow! I'm nearly as prego as her, and well, yeah, let's just leave it at that.

The Who Knew She Was So Pretty Award: Amy Poehler. Totally can't tell that she has that cute little bod on SNL. Runner up: Tina Fey.

The Proves that Motherhood is Still Sexy Award: Mariska Hargitay. How great did she look, just two months after popping out a 10-pound child!

The Tara Lipinski Wore It On Ice Award: Cheryl Hines. I love the gal on Curb, but man, that dress looked like it belonged in the Olympics, not the Emmys.

The Love the Gown, Hate the Make-up Award: Katherine Heigl. Tammy Faye, anyone?

The Best In Purple Award: Evangiline Lily

The Worst In Purple Award: Ellen Pompeo. Really didn't like the hair. So circa-1984 when I was in sixth grade.

The Waaaay Too Close to a Wardrobe Malfunction Award: Virginia Madsen

The His Ego is So Big, He Ignored His Stylist's Advice Award: Jeremy Piven. An ascot?? Enough said.

The Wow Nick Lachey Can Really Do Better Award: Vanessa Minillo. That dress? God f-ing awful. One step shy of ESPN's cheerleading championship.

The Who Let Her Out In Public Award: Paula Abdul's handlers. Seriously? I don't think I've ever seen wasted like that on national TV.

The Looks Better than She Has In a Long Time Award: Debra Messing.

The Tried To Love It But Just Couldn't Award: Sandra Oh. Thought the jewelry was too much upon first (and second glance), and still thought so upon third glance.

The Why Can't My Doctor Look Like That Award: Patrick Dempsey (duh). With Justin Chambers chasing right behind.

The HOLY CRAP That Man Fills Out a Tux Award: Wentworth Miller. HOLY CRAP. Can we get him breaking into a black-tie function or something this season?

Okay, enough with fashion. Seriously, I LOVE Conan. That opening bit had my husband checking in on me to make sure that I was still breathing. A Lost spoof? A 24 spoof? An Office spoof? Could this man be more of a genius?? And then, as if that weren't like Christmas in April, the Tom Cruise spoof. I almost died. DIED.

The awards are still going on as I write this, so I'll chime in tomorrow with more thoughts on those. But needless to say, it's been a snooze-fest. No Jaime Pressley? No Gregory Itzin? Whatevs. If Steve Carell loses, screw it: these awards are dead to me. (Yeah, right.)

Okay, so...sound off! What did you think?

And tomorrow, we'll be back to reality: i.e, more questions and more answers!

Update: TONY SHALOUB??? Tony SHALOUB?? WTF? Ok, that's it. Clearly, these voters don't even watch TV. Why on earth are they voting on it??


xxxx said...

I could not BELIEVE Tony Shaloub won. WTF?!?! Random much?

Wentworth Miller is one sexy man. And didn't he go to Princeton or something? Smart AND sexy! I also have a massive crush on John Krasinski after watching him on E!'s aftershow. Speaking of the E! aftershow ... holy freaking crap, was Paula Abdul on another planet. She was all KINDS of wasted!

Allison Winn Scotch said...

Swishy-Ooh, thanks for the tip re: Krasinski. Me love him. (No secret here.) I'm off to track down the clip on TWoP. Sigh. At least The Office won! Ditto 24! Yes, Went graduated from Princeton - we actually know people in common, but sadly, I've never met him. God, he was just off the charts last night. Too bad he's taken.

Amie Stuart said...

I can't believe I missed Wentworth! =( that's okay, Prison Break is on. Not sure what Tony Shaloub won for but I can't stand Monk (who freaked my 12 yo out so bad he asked if Monk was like that in real life LOL).

Writing progress--not so good again. I got abotu 10 pages but my CP and I did get a proposal wrapped up! Thanks for the long weekend reminder. I think I'll email instead of snail mail!

Hated Debra Messing's dress (and for the record I NEVER watch the Emmy's) almost as much as I hated the bow on Paula Abdul's rear! Red carpet on E w/Ryan Seacrest and some cute chick (no idea who she was)--someone wasn't paying attention TWICE and they came back from commercial and didn't know it. I think Ryan Seacrest (sp?) is an ass.

Larramie said...

First, the writing challenge: Acccomplished my goal for last week and now I get a bit of a break. It's been a l-o-n-g summer.

As for the Emmys: Conan was terrific, yet some critics are giving him mixed reviews. Go figure.

Red Carpet Fashions: Mariska Hargitay *glowed* and said she was proud of her figure -- i.e. purposely NOT dieting to drop the extra pregancy weight. She's smart, beautiful and talented.

As if it wasn't obvious, the color purple is THE color for fall. Ellen Pompeo was a disappointment, but what blew me away was the VELVET dress! Who wears velvet in August???

OTOH, Sandra Oh's dress (by Vera Wang) appeared too much for her. Granted, the jewelry weighed her down -- especially in its competition with the ruffles.

However, my burning question is: What was Candace Bergen thinking (or not)? If memory serves, she started out as as a model and always looked "classic." While age may have added pounds, why emphasize the fact by wearing a "fitted" outfit?

Also, Kyra Sedgewick's gown had everything but the kitchen sink as decoration.

As for the Emmys:

So glad the Amazing Race won again. Their new tour of the world begins Sunday, September 17th.

Finally Keifer! YES!!! Love that voice and his classy composure. "24" taking Best Drama made the night a success. The show deserved an Emmy years ago...everything in its time, I guess. ;o)

Dawn said...

Hey Allison -- I didn't watch the show so thanks for filling me in :). My main comment is I love your new word, whatevs. I'm always saying "whatever" but I like your version!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Hey, I'm sending Manic readers over to you and Swishy for the Emmy's updates!

I also gave your link to a fellow Windy City RWA member who was asking me about mag freelancing. I've done a little, but girlfriend, U R The Pro!

How's the babina in utero doing? And the babino outta utero? LOL.

Larramie said...

Found this, chuckled and had to share: "Variety's Josef Adalian quibbled: 'Can somebody please tell [Simon] Cowell black tie doesn't mean showing off your chest hair.'"

Also, shame on me. I really do know how to spell K-i-e-f-e-r despite my fist post. (blushing)

Sara Hantz said...

We haven't had them here yet..... but your post.... soooo funny. I couldn't believe House didn't feature......

Allison Winn Scotch said...

Thanks for the referrals! :) Bambina in utero is driving me crazy: kicking all night. Bambino out of uterno is driving me more crazy: no child care this week because we were supposed to be on vacation (Thanks Ernesto!), and I'm so exhausted that I'm about to kill myself. Ah well. C'est la vie.
At least I can veg out and dream about how yummy Wenty looked last night!

Anonymous said...

My goal for this week (by Friday) is 5 tight queries.

Mike Vecchio said...

Conan the magnificent! There was an interview with Conan on Charlie Rose a few days before the Emmys. Charlie has a way of drawing out the people he interviews and Conan was no exception. His brilliance came through even in the more casual conversation of his interview. He first realized that he had something to offer when he was made editor of the National Lampoon at Harvard the end of his freshman year! He is the only person in show business in his family and his father is a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical school.

Long live the Conan! Oh, yeah and Max Weinberg too!!!